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All New "Cocktail Tour" with Philly Foodies Tours!

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

When I heard that Philly Foodies Tours was going to start an all new Cocktail Tour, as a lover of mixed drinks, I definitely had to go!

Last summer, I attended one of their first tours which focused on the local food scene in the Fishtown neighborhood of Philadelphia (many unique “hole in the wall” places were featured). I honestly had such a great experience on the tour! It was so fun having the chance to discover and try so many places that I had never been to before! (Click here to read my blog post about last summer's food tour). Creator and owner of Philly Foodies Tours, Luis, does an awesome job in leading people through the area, and bringing to light the history of this amazing part of Philadelphia.

So now, 6 months later, I attended their new cocktail tour which took us to Stateside Vodka, the new R&D Cocktail Bar (formerly Root), and ending at Fishtown Social.

Our first stop at Stateside Vodka was so fun! Stateside is Philly’s leading super premium vodka distillery, and we had a chance to tour the distillery ourselves! While touring the distillery, we tried a shot of their vodka, and after the tour we tried their “Imma Come at You Like a Cider Monkey” cocktail. The tastes were so clean and refreshing. It was the perfect first stop for our cocktail crawl!

We then walked from Stateside to R&D. The walk itself was very nice. During the walk we could see just how much the neighborhood is changing. There were so many new apartments, shops, and new construction still going up. Even as a local, I was surprised how much this area has transformed in a relatively short amount of time!

After the walk we arrived at the all new R&D Cocktail Bar. R&D has replaced the restaurant formerly named "Root", and although it looks similar, there is an entirely new vibe. R&D brings a classy “50's jazz bar” style, which is unique within the neighborhood. The cocktail they presented to us was their "Blue Hawaiian". It was perfectly tropical and fun! It transported all of us to feeling like we were on a summer vacation, and not in the middle of winter!

Our last and final stop was Fishtown Social. We toured their wine room, which displayed the hundreds of wines that they offer. After that we tasted a delicious "French 75" cocktail which brought one of their delicious proseccos into a refreshing and light cocktail.

Overall the cocktail tour was another great experience from Philly Foodies Tours. The tour had the perfect mix of drinks and refreshing amount of walking. Just as on the food tour, I had a chance to try a number of bars I had not previously gone to, and I had the chance to taste drinks I may not have normally ordered. The Cocktail Tour is another win from Philly Foodies Tours, and an event I definitely recommend signing up for.

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