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Philly Foodies Tours

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to go on "Philly Foodies Tours", a food crawl through my neighborhood of Fishtown in Philadelphia! If you're curious what "Fishtown" is, it's a neighborhood in Philly that has become known as both a hipster and artistic mecca. ​​"Philly Foodies Tours" explores not only the burgeoning food scene of the neighborhood, but also the cultural and historical elements of the area.

"Philly Foodies Tours" is run by a husband and wife team, Luis (whom led the tour I attended) and Katy. Their goal for the tour is to showcase the lesser known restaurants and sites of the neighborhood.

As a local of Fishtown, I really enjoyed my time on the tour! I was able to discover cool new "hole in the wall" places within my neighborhood that'd I'd never been to or even heard of before! After the experience, I would recommend "Philly Foodies Tours" to both locals and visitors alike that want to get a different perspective (and taste) of the area.

The tour went to Pizza Brain, Riverwards Market, Philly Style Bagel, Cheu Fishtown, Kensington Quarters, and Ramona Susan's. Each place offered a unique taste of the neighborhood, and the samples of food offered were all delicious! I captured some pictures to highlight the experiences below:

All in all, Philly Foodies Tours is a great activity if you're looking to try something new and different during the weekend. Luis and his staff were amazing. Everyone was very nice and extremely knowledgeable about Philly and it's food scene. I would recommend the food tour to both local residents of Philadelphia looking to explore new places and venues, as well as for those visiting the city for a few days. Definitely check them out and sign up for a tour at:

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